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With constant price fluctuation and living expenses shooting up each year, the average Indian requires deposit schemes that would let his/her savings work for him/her. Sakthi Finance Limited’s term deposit schemes are tuned to help its users gain guaranteed returns and security on their investments. SFL’s term deposit schemes are built around the customer so you get to enjoy a host of features and benefits, making us one of the best decisions you’ve made on your investments.

SfFSL has been authorised by SFL to procure for and on behalf of Sakthi Finance Limited, retail funds from intending Investors by way of subscription to its public deposits, Subordinated bonds and/or secured redeemable non convertible debentures.

Fixed Deposit Schemes effective from 05.08.2020.
Fixed Income Scheme

Term (Months) Normal Senior citizen
Frequency of Interest payouts
Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Rate of Interest – % Per Annum
15 7.75 7.75 8.00 8.00
24 7.85 7.85 8.10 8.10
36 8.00 8.00 8.25 8.25
Minimum Deposit (in Rs.) 25,000 10,000 25,000 10,000

Cumulative Income Scheme .

Term (Months) Normal Senior citizen
Yield % Per Annum (Quarterly Rests) Maturity Amount for Rs. 10,000 Yield % Per Annum (Quarterly Rests) Maturity Amount for Rs. 10,000
15 8.06 11,007 8.33 11,041
24 8.41 11,682 8.70 11,740
36 8.94 12,682 9.25 12,776
Minimum Deposit (in Rs.) 10,000 10,000