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Sakthi Safety Lockers was established in the year 1960, we've been the pioneers among Indian private players to offer best in class safe deposit lockers to our customers. Presently, Sakthi safety lockers are renowned as the best safety locker provider and our safety lockers are immaculately designed by reputed manufacturers and are kept in strong rooms that are constructed as per RBI regulations. Owing to the customized needs of our customers from storing jewels, documents to valuables of varying dimensions, we have different sized safe deposit lockers across various budgets.


Our Safety Lockers are built by reputed manufacturers to the exacting standards of BIS. Our safe deposit lockers are safe and heat resistant.


Our Safety locker facility and the entire premises is monitored round the clock with state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance equipment. Our safety lockers are equipped with Biometric Access, Intrusion Detector, Burglar & Fire Alarm Technologies.


Delivering a premium and personalized service to our customers is of utmost priority to us. We provide the safest environment better than bank locker service for all your valued and treasured possessions. Each client has security, privacy, and discretion while availing locker services.
We aim to keep your assets safe and accessible. You have unlimited access to your Safe Deposit Locker allowing you can to use it as many as times as you want to.
You can access your vault at the time of your convenience between our working hours. On all weekdays and Saturdays we operate between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
Each Locker comes with a dual key system and can be opened only when both the customers’ key and the custodian’s key are used simultaneously. This two pronged safety measure helps us protect all your valuables.
Our vaults can be opened only with its unique key combination coupled with the custodian’s key. We also offer an extra lock provision that can be provided at your behest.
Our cutting-edge Biometric fingerprint scanning technology facilitates fast, smooth, and secure access.


We offer 12 types of Safe deposit lockers that differ in size and price, in an effort to cater to each customer’s distinctive needs.
Locker Annual Rental and Security Deposit Details w.e.f 01–04–2024
Locker Metro / Urban Rural
Size Type Dimension
H x W x D
Rent (₹) * Security
Deposit (₹) **
Rent (₹) * Security
Deposit (₹) **
Small A 05 x 06 x 21 1500 4500 1400 4200
B 06 x 07 x 21 1800 5400 - -
C 05 x 13 x 21 2900 8700 2800 8400
D 07 x 09 x 21 3000 9000 2800 8400
Medium E 06 x 16 x 21 3800 11400 - -
F 11 x 13 x 21 4700 14100 4400 13200
G 07 x 20 x 21 4600 13800 - -
H1 12 x 07 x 21 4100 12300 - -
Large H 12 x 16 x 21 6200 18600 - -
L1 12 x 20 x 21 7600 22800 - -
L 16 x 20 x 21 8500 25500 8200 24600
L2 25 x 20 x 24 18000 54000 18000 54000
* GST Extra
** Refundable and interest free Advance
Metro/Urban : Coimbatore Branches (Avinashi Road, RS Puram, Vadavalli, Nanjudapuram, Saibaba Colony), Chennai Branches, Dindigul, Erode, Madurai, Pollachi, Pollachi NPT, Salem, Tirunelveli, Tirupur, Trichy, Udumalai & Vellore.
Rural: Palani & Sakthi Nagar


1. Registration Charges on Fresh Locker Allotment:
Locker Size Locker Type All branches except Race Course Branch CBE. (Rs.) * Race Course Branch CBE. (Rs.) *
Small A 500 N/A
Medium E 500 1000
Large H 1000 1500
2. Processing Fees: Amount Rs.*
I.Individual: for change in 500
a) Mode of operations
b) Locker no./Cabinet changes
c) Locker hirer(s) addition/deletion
d) Scheme Change &
e) Death of Hirer:
II.Non-individual: 500
a) Mode of operations
b) Operator(s) addition/deletion
c) Death of operator
d) Locker no./Cabinet changes
3. Nomination Charges: Amount Rs.*
Nominee - Addition/Deletion 500
4. Break Open Charges: (incl GST) Amount Rs.
Chennai and Coimbatore City Branches Except for Race Course Branch* 7090
Other Branches 8090
* + Applicable GST Charges
** Coimbatore Race Course Branch Rates Currently N/A

Svasya is a premium brand offered by renowned Sakthi Financial Services (SFSL), the largest private locker service provider in India. SFSL has, over the last 3 decades, created a significant place for itself in Safe Deposit locker services. The company has thoughtfully curated the brand ‘Svasya’ to cater to High-Net-Worth Individuals, and to create a culture of delivering superior experience to its esteemed clients.

To Avail of Premium Lockers Service please visit:


All customers are required to produce KYC documents -Identity proof and Address proof at the time of hiring a locker. The tabular column below illustrates the documents you will have to produce.

PAN is mandatory for all Hirers / Operators

Terms & Conditions

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1 What are the advantages of availing your safety locker service?
· Longer working hours – 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (Monday – Saturday. Except National holidays)
· Wide range of lockers in terms of sizes
· Our vaults conform to RBI Specifications just like banks
· 24 Hours security and Burglar alarms
· Air-conditioned vaults
· Range of rental schemes to suit your convenience.
2 What are the security arrangements provided for your safety lockers? Are your lockers fully secured?
As the first line of defense, our safe deposit locker rooms are provided with reinforced concrete walls and doors in accordance with RBI regulations. Further, the locker rooms are equipped with a burglar alarm system, CCTV, Biometric locker operation, smoke sensor & intrusion detectors. The premises are guarded 24 hrs by professionally trained security personnel.
3 Why we are better than bank locker service?
(i)Extended working hours: Our offices are open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
(ii) Seamless operations: Our executives facilitate a smooth process to ensure that you have no trouble while operating the lockers.
(iii)Increased vigil: One can avail our locker in 5 minutes by just filling in the application, comply KYC norms and paying the rent. A thorough check is made by our staff after every operation. This ensures that you do not accidentally leave the locker open or leave your valuables outside by mistake.
(iv)Unlimited Access: We offer unlimited number of locker operations in a year.
(v)Privacy: Secured bay that provides complete privacy during locker operations.
(vi)Locker accessories for your comfort & convenience.
4 Is there any insurance for the Sakthi safety lockers and for the things kept inside the lockers?
Lockers are meant to provide anonymity and privacy. The primary purpose of lockers is safety. Part of the safety comes from the fact that nobody knows the content of the lockers. Sakthi safety lockers do not take insurance cover for the contents of the locker since customers do not disclose the contents. It is not possible to insure the contents without knowing the value of the contents. However, we can insure the contents of the locker on cost to customer basis provided the customer declares the contents and its value.
5 Why are you not giving any interest on the rental advance? Are we not losing our interest?
The returns for the organization have been worked out on the basis of the rentals charged plus the notional earnings on the advance rentals. If we were to pay interest on the advance then we would have to charge a higher rental to protect the organization’s returns.
If in the course of the assessment of an individual the IT department asks for details of the locker held by the concerned person, we are duty-bound to provide the information.
We are having lockers in 12 different sizes, to meet customer’s requirements. Our locker sizes and rentals are designed to meet the requirements of all types of customers. From small size lockers for storing jewellery and documents, to big lockers designed to store large valuables, precious artefacts, we have the entire range.
The details are in the ‘tariff’ section. Rental varies with the locker size and three times the rental advance is to be collected as advance, which is refundable at the time of forfeiture. Rental advance is collected as a cautionary amount to cover the break open charge in case of a long-standing arrear.
KYC norms are applicable for all the operators, wherein address proof, ID proof, and signature proof is to be submitted. Recent Colour passport size photograph of all the operators is to be submitted along with the self-attested KYC documents. The locker can be operated on a single, Joint, Either on survivor mode.
There is no limit to the number of times the locker can be operated in a day during working hours, by the authorized hirer.
There can be a maximum of three operators for a locker. The number of persons would depend on the mode of operation. However, only the operators would be allowed to access the locker vault.There can be a maximum of three operators for a locker. The number of persons would depend on the mode of operation. However, only the operators would be allowed to access the locker vault.