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About Sakthi Financial Services

Trust worthy. Committed service. This is the brand Sakthi Financial Services has built over the last 30 years. Established in 1998, essentially as a Safe Deposit Locker company, we have been able to position ourselves as a pioneer in providing security solutions for storing personal valuables. Along the line we expanded our portfolio to offer other financial services like, Deposits, Mutual Funds and other financial services which are essential to safeguard every citizen’s financial sense of security. In a highly competitive market, we focus on elevating businesses by forging meaningful relationships with our customers. We do this by keeping our foundation of legacy, trust and values intact and these are the qualities that have helped us build a strong reputation, making us who we are today.
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Our history can be traced back to 1960 when Sakthi Finance Ltd. set up Safe Deposit Locker Services as a division. Later, in 1988, we were set up as a separate company. We are one of the pioneers among Indian private players to offer best in class safety locker services to our customers. Our lockers are immaculately designed by reputed manufacturers and are kept in strong rooms that are constructed in line with RBI regulations. Keeping in view our customers’ customized needs- from storing jewels, documents, to valuables of varying dimensions, we have offered Safe Deposit Lockers of various sizes across budgets.
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Sakthi Financial Services is the only authorised distributor of various Investment schemes offered by Sakthi Finance Limited.
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Mutual funds offer the perfect solution for a group of investors to effectively pool their money, and invest in a wider variety of securities facilitated by expert fund managers. Mutual fund companies essentially collect the money from their investors, or shareholders, and invest that collective money into individual investment vehicles based on risk profiles, money management philosophies, and financial goals among other important factors. The mutual fund then passes along the profits (and losses) of those investments to its shareholders. Mutual funds normally come out with a number of schemes which are launched from time to time with different investment objectives.
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