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Fixed Deposits

Sakthi Financial Services is the only authorised distributor of various Investment schemes offered by Sakthi Finance Limited.

Sakthi Finance Limited has schemes that provide guaranteed returns and security on your investments. With constant price fluctuations and living expenses shooting up each year, it is prudent to have a suitable investment scheme that aims at making the best use of your financial savings and investments. These schemes are built around your preferences, so you get to enjoy a host of features and benefits, making it one of the best decisions you have made on your investments.

If you are looking for deposits for a short term with guaranteed returns, the SFL’s fixed deposit scheme is the one for you. The fixed deposit Scheme lets you take control of your investments with flexibility and offers guaranteed returns.

So why wait? Invest and watch your money grow.

High Rate of Interest - Best Deposits Schemes
High rate of interest.
A range of tenures to suit your investment plan - Deposits Scheme
A range of tenures to suit your investment plan.
Loan Facility Available - Subject to RBI*
Loan facility made available on all our term deposits, which are subject to RBI*
Best Deposits Scheme - Special Rates for Senior Citizens
Special rates are available for Senior Citizens.
Best Deposits Scheme - Minimum Deposits Rates
Minimum deposit of
Rs 10,000/-
Fixed Deposits Calculator - Best Deposits Scheme
Fixed Deposit
*Regulation- Loan facility available after 3 months.

Interest Rates

(Fixed Deposit Schemes effective from 07.08.2023)

Term (Months) Fixed Deposit and cumulative Deposit Interest rate p.a. (%) Fixed Income Scheme Cumulative Income scheme
Monthly (%) Quarterly (%) Annual Yield with Quarterly Rests (%) Maturity Amount for Rs.10,000
15 8.25 8.25 8.25 8.60 11,075
24 8.50 8.50 8.50 9.16 11,832
36 8.75 8.75 8.75 9.88 12,965
48 9.00 9.00 9.00 10.69 14,276
60 9.00 9.00 9.00 11.21 15,605
Minimum Deposit (₹) 25,000 10,000 10,000
(Senior Citizen Deposit Schemes effective from 07.08.2023)

Term (Months) Fixed Deposit and cumulative Deposit Interest rate p.a. (%) Fixed Income Scheme Cumulative Income scheme
Monthly (%) Quarterly (%) Annual Yield with Quarterly Rests (%) Maturity Amount for Rs.10,000
15 8.50 8.50 8.50 8.87 11,109
24 8.75 8.75 8.75 9.45 11,890
36 9.00 9.00 9.00 10.20 13,061
48 9.25 9.25 9.25 11.04 14,416
60 9.25 9.25 9.25 11.59 15,797
Minimum Deposit (in Rs.) 25,000 10,000 10,000
HNI Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures Scheme Effective from 07.08.2023
Minimum Investment : Rs.50,00,000/- per Application

Term (Months) Interest Rate p.a. Yield Interest Rate p.a. Interest Rate Frequency Maturity Amount for Rs.50,00,000
Monthly Quartely
15 9.00% 9.41% 9.00% 9.00% 9.00% 55,88,388
24 9.25% 10.03% 9.25% 9.25% 9.25% 60,03,432
36 9.50% 10.84% 9.50% 9.50% 9.50% 66,26,695
48 9.75% 11.75% 9.75% 9.75% 9.75% 73,50,443
60 10.25% 13.17% 10.25% 10.25% 10.25% 82,93,579
Terms & Conditions governing Acceptance of Secured, Redeemble, Non-Convertible Debentures of Rs. 1000/- each

Documentation Required

Telephone Bill
Electricity Bill
Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office
PAN Card
Voter's ID Card
Driver's License
Government ID Card
Ration Card
Senior Citizen ID Card

General Guidelines


The deposit cannot be pre-closed before 3 months.


The depositor can pre-close the deposit at any time after 3 months.


If the depositor wants to pre-close after 3 months but before 6-months, then he/she will not get any interest along with the principal.


The depositor is eligible for interest on pre-closure after 6-months as per the terms applicable.


The depositor can avail loan up to 75% on the deposit amount as a loan, the applicable interest rate will be 2% p.a. above the deposit rate.


A deposit can have a maximum of three co-applicants.


Nomination facility is available. If the nominee is a minor, then the guardian can sign on behalf of the minor.


TDS will be deducted from interest on deposits if the depositor is a tax payee.


KYC for all applicants of the deposit is mandatory. The depositor has to obtain CKYC number after submitting relevant KYC documents to the company.

HDFC Deposits

(Fixed Deposit Schemes for Individuals effective from 22.10.2020.)

We are happy to announce distribution of HDFC FDs, which will add to our bouquet of products to our customers.

In the current market scenario, there is lot of traction for monthly income/higher fixed income products. Keeping this in view, we have empanelled with HDFC Ltd. to distribute their FD products.

HDFC has delivered consistent performance with its Fixed Deposits over the last 35 years. It has earned the trust of more than 6 lakh depositors. Enhanced customer satisfaction has always been at the core of all HDFC product offerings. HDFC depositors are serviced through its 420 inter-connected offices spread across India with instant services provided at 77 deposit centers. HDFC has set high benchmarks of service delivery on a continuous basis by providing electronic payment facility for interest payment, instant loan against deposit and many more.

HDFC FDs will provide our customers a fixed income product with a wide option of tenors and interest rates.

Pre-closure of FDs is possible, and the conditions are called out here for your special attention


1 Is TDS applicable on FDs?
Yes, tax is deducted at source, from the interest on Fixed Deposits, as applicable, as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.
2 What are the multiples in which I can withdraw money from my FD?
You can withdraw money in multiples of Rs 1000/-
3 Can I redeem my FD before the original term?
Yes, but a premature withdrawal is subject to a penalty rate as prescribed by the organization.
4 Can I obtain a loan from SFL on the security of my FD?
Yes, loans are available.
5 Is there any auto renewal facility available on FDs?
No, auto-renewal facilities are not available.
Upon maturity of FD, just furnish the FD receipt and you will be able to redeem your FD.
Yes, you can nominate your family members or individuals.

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