Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)

It's the Right Time to Invest!

Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued by Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Govt. of India.

Eligible Investors Individuals, HUFs, Trusts, Universities, Charitable Institutions
Tenure 8 years
Investment Limit 1 Gram to Maximum 4 kg for individuals per year. Up to 20 kg for institutions (Trust, Charitable institutions & Universities) per year.
Issue Opens 10th January 2022
Issue Closes 14th January 2022

Why should one invest in SGB scheme rather buying physical gold?

  • Eliminate risk & storage expenses
  • Attractive interest income, directly credited to investor’s bank account
  • Avail discount of Rs. 50/gm for applications made online and payment through digital mode
  • Encashment/Redemption of the bond is allowed after 5th year.
  • The bond can be given as collateral to avail loans
  • Capital gain tax exempted for individuals

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73977 30308

73977 30308