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Insurance should not be seen as an instrument that provides you tax exemptions. It was molded to provide the user far more. We cannot stress enough on the significance of ensuring one’s financial security and building a back up to meet objectionable instances that life throws at you. Insurance allows you the freedom to effectively and prudently handle any such requirement.

Be it your child’s education or a retirement plan, taking insurance is just the way to go. In comparison to most other ways, insurance encapsulates all the elements required to provide you with the all round protection you seek. This is why you need to be investing your hope in our carefully selected insurance programs built to give you all that you expect of a great choice of an investment.

Come over to SfFSL and meet with our officers and let us help you find the right policy that fits your need, because at Sakthi Finance Financial Services Limited, your future is our concern as well.

SfFSL offers a bunch of insurance and savings products to choose from. Our insurance options for individuals include life insurance, health, assured income and savings plans.